Android apps promotion

How to promote Android app

Android apps take more and more effort to make considering the ever-increasing production values of mobile applications and games and also bigger efforts required to make them profitable for the developer and fun for the customers. Reaching the customer, convincing them to give your application or game a proper try and more – convincing them to purchase it or make in-app purchases and stick with it gets more and more challenging every year, so it's understandable that more and more developers are in need of good marketing, even if they are running on a tight budget.

This means that it's a good idea to start looking into Android app promotion to make sure that your app or game gets the popularity it deserves and starts making money for you. After all, you have spent months putting it together, optimizing, testing and so on, so it's a wise move to take extra steps to make sure that your app or game reaches the desired success. Let's take a look at what you can do to promote apps on Google Play.

Make sure that the app is polished

The quality of the product determines how well it will be received on the market, how well it will perform and what are the chances of growing on that success. When it comes to mobile applications and games, one of the key factors is the launch day of the app. The launch day for any product is a big test of the developer's skill and attention to details. If the app is good, then everything should be fine, but any major issue can hamper the performance on the market – whether in the short or a long run.

The following issues should be resolved before the launch day:

  • Critical bugs
  • Smaller bugs and glitches
  • Unfinished features and/or content

Therefore, you should consider testing your app thoroughly before launching it. Consider taking some time and ask your friends and/or family to join you and test your app. Chances are, you will find something that you didn't expect the user to do or you will encounter a bug or a glitch – whether it's small or not doesn't matter, what matters is that you find out about it and fix it.

Try to make your app easier to find

Applying SEO-style optimizations to the app page on Google Play can yield very good results if you do it right. By making your app easier to find with these optimizations you can also make it rank higher in the search results, which should give the audience enough time to find out more about your application or game and give it a good try.

Research the relevant keywords, then write a captivating description and use these keywords in it. Take some time to practice it and follow the Search Engine Optimization guidelines to make sure that the keywords are properly indexed by the search engines and work out nicely for you. You can also pick a keyword for usage in the app title to maximize the effect and improve the overall results. This may take some time to master, but be patient – proper research and some writing practice can do wonders for you.

You can promote your app using YouTube channels

There are many channels out there which are focused on reviewing mobile applications and games. You can use them to your advantage – after all, you need all the publicity you can get. A good review can promote Android apps very efficiently, especially if the reception is positive. Therefore consider researching the subject by searching for these YouTube channels, contacting them, finding out whether they are willing to make a review or not and so on. Some of the most popular ones may ask for a donation, and in this case it's up to you – remember that making these videos takes time, effort and money so it's a good idea to help each other out. You never know how a well-made review can affect your performance.

Professional marketing can save the situation

If nothing works out the way you want it to be, then it's a good idea to contact a marketing agency and see if you can agree on nice terms and a reasonable pricing. Remember that it's up to you to decide, but if the results aren't satisfying, this means that the help is necessary – after all, it's just silly to abandon the application or game that you've been working on for months just because the performance is not as good as you wanted it to be. Sometimes a nice push can help you a lot.